Benefits of ReferralNet Web Offering

1. Each member gets a single-page Billboard Web Site:

This single page web site tells visitors about your business. Your logo and any images, along with your content, will be incorporated into a unique and professional web page that will bring your business up to a whole new level.

If you already have a business web site, this page will link to it, improving your web site’s ranking with the search engines.

2. ReferralNet E-mail Account(s):

You can have more professional E-mail addresses. For example, instead of, you can use or and these aliases can be directed to It simply looks more businesslike.

3. Discount on Web Services:

Members and their referrals receive a 10% discount on web services from RP Design.

4. Social Network E-mail:

Members may communicate within and outside the Group, using E-listmail Services. Referrals are tracked, Calendar entries posted to the web site, personalized e-mails sent and lists shared. See for more information.

5. HTML E-mail to Announce Your Billboard Site:

To draw traffic to your site, we will send a custom, HTML E-mail to your client E-mail list (see example below). Note: No spam, only send E-mail to people who agreed in past to receive your messages. Also list must be in electronic form with first name and E-mail address. Unless you want us to, RP Design Web Services will not store the list.

Dear Lorraine,

RP Design has a web site with services for you!

Come by and take a look! You won't believe your eyes ...

RP Design's web masters have created a whole new site for us, and most importantly, designed it exclusively to serve our clients more effectively. It's so intuitive and easy-to-use, you'll be absolutely amazed!

Click on over - and find out how RP Design can save you money, time and effort on all your web services needs!
Best Regards,
Robert Davidson
RP Design
Web Site: